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elopements and mini weddings

You put a lot of effort into manifesting your perfect day, we help you enjoy every moment

Meet your new Best Friend
(at least I'd like to be)
I'm Erica - the owner and lead planner behind Exuberant Planning
I am a pizza and smoothie bowl loving dog mama and wife to her high school sweetheart. I have over 7 years of corporate event planning experience and I felt as if elopements and mini weddings were calling me.
I eloped in June: Read my Story.
You can call me when you need someone to hike up a mountain with you to fluff your dress, make you PB&Js, pick up after your dog, I want you to rely on me.
+ I'm here for the couples who need me to hold the flowers so you can make out like mad after you just finished crying from your vows.
+ I am here for the bride, who needs her dress bustled and her train fluffed open or tossed in the air like ya just don't care
+ I'm here for the grooms who need someone to grab them a cold one, pin their boutonnières, or tie their bowties.
why hire me?
+ You can call/text/email me anytime! No seriously, if you're thinking about something wild and crazy at 2am - text me so you don't forget it, because it's probably epic
+ Custom styling + mood boards that help you and all the other vendors envision your day from start to finish
+ I'm ordained! When I eloped, my friend who was ordained signed our papers so that we could have the intimate moment all to ourselves, if that's your vibe, we can make it happen
+ I have snacks. I always have snacks.
Heres a photo of my dogs that absolutely no one asked for
(Dumpling & Tofu)

Let's do the damn thing!


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